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Thirsting for adventure? Visit the best of two of the most accessible islands in the Tuamotu archipelago, Rangiroa and Fakarava.


Experience the great atolls of the Tuamotu Archipelago Learn about the natural and cultural history of these islands Snorkel pristine reefs and ramble around some of the most beautiful and remote islands in the world.


The Tuamotu Archipelago, the largest collection of atolls in the world, is the outback of the South Pacific. The actual land surface of these islands is minimal compared to the vast lagoons, but what is there are the visions of the paradise that we dream of – white sand beaches, lush vegetation, shimmering water along the shore. The atolls are a marine wonderland that is as accessible as it is fascinating. Warm crystalline waters teem with fish and support coral reefs that encircle the islands and protect the lagoon from ocean swells. Our programs visit the best of two of the most accessible islands, Rangiroa and Fakarava, but most of the islands of the Tuamotu have airports and the possibilities of visiting other islands are as boundless as your thirst for adventure.

Rangiroa Itinerary

Arrival will be mid-day and after checking in and having a nice lunch you will be taken out to snorkel on the reef at Tiputa Pass for the afternoon. This site showcases a cross-section of all the best of the marine experience on Rangiroa. There is the vibrant coral reef, massive schools of fish, sharks, moray eels, and tidal currents that replenish the lagoon and bring out manta rays, and dolphins. After snorkeling you will be taken for a visit to the small village of Tiputa on the far side of the pass. This is a typical beautiful Poumotu (the people of the Tuamotu) village and you will see a very nice display of arts and crafts at a small cultural center. L


Today will be a full day of exploring the lagoon, reef and motu (small coral islets) on the south shore of the island. On the way across the lagoon you will stop to snorkel on massive coral pinnacles, and your guide will get some fish for lunch. Once at the motu you can snorkel along the inner reef or in the shallow hoa that connect the motu. You will also be taken on a walk out to the reef crest and see the fascinating feo (fossilized raised reef) on this incredible shoreline. Lunch will be barbecued lagoon fish on the beach, and your afternoon will be free to explore this amazing place. BL


Today will be another full day of exploration on the southwest side of the atoll at a spectacular place called the Blue Lagoon. Here motu surround a small lagoon that is the most amazing shade of blue and serves as a nursery for sharks. This is also the site for the endemic Ultramarine Lorikeet, which you will find hanging acrobatically from palm fronds overhead. You will spend the day here swimming and exploring, have a picnic lunch, and then in the afternoon get a chance to experience “shark city”. BL


After breakfast this morning you will have some time to yourself before your transfer to the airport. B

Fakarava Itinerary

Arrival will be mid-day and you will be met at the airport by your hosts and taken by truck and boat to the far southern end of the island. Your pension is situated on the motu (small coral islet), called Tetamanu, that was once the main village of the island, but was abandoned after it was destroyed by a massive cyclone early in the century. There are still ruins left of some of the original buildings that can be explored. This will be your home for the next two days. D

DAY 2 and 3

On these days you will be free to explore the reef and motu and to snorkel (or dive) on one of the most amazing passes in the Tuamotu Archipelago. The tide changes twice a day and the tidal currents passing in front of the pension deliver parades of fish to your doorstep. You can snorkel with the currents or go across the pass where the reef and lagoon stretches on to the horizon. BLD


After breakfast this morning you will have some time to yourself before your transfer to the airport. B

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