adventures in the south seas
Frank giving a lecture

Tahiti Expeditions can present interesting and
entertaining lectures and discussions
on a variety of topics.

Depending on the topic and venue lectures can be presented using audio/visual aids or in simple discussion settings.

Topics of lectures can include:

Story of an Island

These beautiful oceanic islands are the result of millions of years of development and combined effects from geology, coral growth, plant growth, sea level change, and massive storms. Here is the story of one typical island from its birth as an undersea volcano to its demise as a wave-washed reef.

The Bounty: Fact & Fiction

Even after all the books and movies, the incredible story of the mutiny on the Bounty has been only half told. This lecture will explore the historical context, the cultural contrasts, and the personalities that bring to life one of the greatest sea adventures ever.

Polynesian Culture Ancient and Modern

This lecture will discuss different aspects of Polynesian culture in both historical and modern contexts, as well as the struggle to maintain interest and use of traditional knowledge in a modern global setting.

The Flora and Fauna of French Polynesia

This lecture is meant as an introduction to the flora and fauna of French Polynesia. We will discuss plant communities, birds, terrestrial fauna, and marine animals. We will also discuss the difference between native and introduced species and some of the fascinating ecological and evolutionary concepts that are displayed on small islands.

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