adventures in the south seas
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Fly Fishing Guides

The Tuamotu Archipelago is one of the best-kept secrets in the world for saltwater fly-fishing. These great atolls have teeming fish populations and where there are flats there are bonefish and trevally.

For several years Tahiti Expeditions has partnered with well-known fly-fishing outfitters, Sweetwater Travel, to operate fishing expeditions to the Tuamotu, with excellent results. Our guides can be the key to an amazing fishing adventure in these remote islands.

Birding Guides

The trick to serious birding in French Polynesia is
1) knowing where to find native and endemic populations and
2) being able to get there.

Since a private yacht has the hardest part of #2 sorted out (i.e. getting to the island), Tahiti Expeditions can help with the rest. We will go over a game plan with you in order to find the birds that you want to see, and our guide will get you to the birds.

Tahiti Expeditions works with the local bird conservation organization, Te Manu, and a portion of all proceeds from this service will go to their efforts.

Film Production

Tahiti Expeditions can assist with scouting locations, coordinating logistical support, and a sourcing a wide range of local resources.

From our experience, private services such as these are best negotiated on a case by case basis. We can best serve you if we know exactly what it is you want and we can adapt our services to suit your needs. The products and prices listed above are examples and a base to work from to design custom activities for you.

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