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Your guide will talk you back through time as you walk through the lushly forested Opunohu valley along well-kept trails.


This excursion features the best archaeological sites on Moorea, plus an easy walk through a lush tropical forest.


When Captain Cook visited Moorea in 1777 the island had a thriving population that may have been as high as 30,000 people. Opunohu Valley was home to a large portion of that population and the remains of houses, worship sites, farming terraces, and sport areas can still be seen. Your guide will introduce you to the flora and fauna of this lushly forested valley, and talk you back through time in a fascinating discussion of land use and change through the centuries. Most of the excursion will be on foot, an easy walk along well-kept trails. Along the way your guide will point out plants used in traditional medicine, native birds, and introduce you to the freshwater stream fauna.

Additional Information

Local fruit juice and water will be provided.
All safety precautions have been considered to ensure a safe and fun excursion, and Tahiti Expedition guides are professionally trained in First Aid, CPR, and life saving techniques.
Tahiti Expeditions follows sustainable tourism practices and a percentage of tour proceeds is donated to local NGOs in support of environmental and cultural conservation.
The excursion will take approximately 3 hours.


Price: €62

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