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A half-day out on the coral reef surrounding Moorea will introduce you to the geology and ecology of this vibrant ecosystem.


Your guide will take you to the best spots to snorkel and see fish, corals, and other reef organisms.


Coral reefs are the most complex ecosystems on earth and are certainly one of the best places to observe a vast community of animals and plants, all while floating in warm clear water.
The coral reefs of Moorea are home to hundreds of different fish species, including clown fish, puffer fish, brilliantly colored wrasses, angelfish, and parrotfish.
The invertebrate fauna include, burrowing shrimp, anemones, sea cucumbers, octopus, and of course many different types of corals.
Your guide will assist you in getting comfortable with your snorkeling gear, and then introduce you to this marine wonderland, creature by fascinating creature.
Along the way you will visit a few reef sites so that you will see the variety of habitats and organisms that live there, and there will be time to ask questions and talk about the environmental and fisheries issues.

Additional Information

Guests should dress in active beach and/or swimming attire and footwear that can get wet.
Snorkeling equipment will be provided, if needed.
Local fruit juice and water will be provided.
All safety precautions have been considered to ensure a safe and fun excursion, and Tahiti Expedition guides are professionally trained in First Aid, CPR, and life saving techniques. There will be a safety boat on hand at all times during all snorkeling activity.
Tahiti Expeditions follows sustainable tourism practices and a percentage of tour proceeds is donated to local NGOs in support of environmental and cultural conservation.
The excursion will take approximately 3 hours.


Public Price: €62

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