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This is a leisurely half-day tour that covers many topics but highlights the roles that two American families have played in the history and development of Moorea.


Over the years the islands of French Polynesia have become home to a variety of characters, from beachcombers to famous artists and writers. Often their impact on the islands, whether in business, or descendants, or great stories to tell, extends well beyond their lifetime. This tour highlights the legacy of two American families that have influenced the recent history of Moorea – the Gumps and the Kellums.

Richard Gump inherited ownership and management of the famous Gump Department Store in San Francisco from his father (and grandfather before him). He also inherited land in Moorea, which he eventually donated to UC Berkeley in the early 80’s. The resulting Richard Gump South Pacific Research Station has become the premier US scientific institution in the South Pacific. The station plays host to an impressive array of research projects and field courses, and through its Atitia Cultural Center provides outreach to the local schools and community. We will have a guided tour of the station and Atitia Center, hear about ongoing projects, and have a chance to discuss the role that an institution like this can play in local and global conservation issues.

The Kellum family first came to Moorea in 1924 onboard a 170-foot schooner. They settled on the shore of Opunohu Bay and their beautiful home and gardens have been part of the local landscape ever since. We will visit their beachfront where Captain Cook anchored in 1777, and then walk along a short trail that emerges into the tropical garden surrounding the Kellum house.

Mari Mari Kellum will be on hand to host cold drinks on the lanai and talk about the story of her fascinating family.

After leaving the Kellum gardens we will visit the Belvedere to have a spectacular view out over Opunohu Valley, property once owned by the Kellums, which is now public land.

Additional Information

Local fruit juice and water will be provided.
All safety precautions have been considered to ensure a safe and fun excursion, and Tahiti Expedition guides are professionally trained in First Aid, CPR, and life saving techniques.
Tahiti Expeditions follows sustainable tourism practices and a percentage of tour proceeds is donated to local NGOs in support of environmental and cultural conservation.
The excursion will take approximately 3 hours.


Public Price: €62

Marimari scrapbook

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