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Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF)

* All of BEF's Green Tags are from 100 percent new, renewable resources found in North America.

* BEF renewable sources are certified by Green-e (www.green-e.org), the leading independent United States voluntary certification for renewable energy certificates BEF calls Green Tags.

* BEF Green Tags are considered to be among the best Green Tags or renewable energy certificates available in North America because of Green-e certification (www.green-e.org) and the independent environmental review of BEF's renewable energy sources.

* All of BEF renewable energy sources undergo an independent environmental review using criteria developed in collaboration with regional and national environmental organizations. For more information about BEF's Green Tag sources, please visit www.b-e-f.org.

To read more about STI's Carbon Offset, Conservation Carbon and Green Tag Projects visit:

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